Photo Gallery
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Dylan such a Happy   Dylan & Mommy   Brick, Maggie &Dylan
Boy!   Cat Napping   Worn out from playing
Maggie   Maggie   Brick sleeping with
Soaking up the sun his bully buddy
Dylan & Maggie   Typical Morning   Ying to my Yang
Dylan Playing in the   Dylan tired of the   Dylan running along
pool!   camera   Lake Michigan
Maggie with her first   Dylan so tempted but   Maggie's favorite way
big bone so well behaved! to sleep- head on pillow
Dylan    Maggie back when   Shirt couldn't be more
clothes fit her true!
So sweet! Puppy play date! Maggie got into the dog
So small!   She loves her bubba   Getting to get her beauty
Jake! sleep...
Playing with her daddy   Mags   All the kids watching
daddy eat ribs!
Had some fun in the   Life is good...    
    She loves to nap   The day we brought
with anyone! Maggie Home!
    First day HOME!   Sticking his tongue out
at me!