Breeding Bulldogs

English Bulldogs are not an easy dog to breed. The mothers have to deliver the pups through C-Section.

After the puppies are born, they require 24-7 care for about the first 3-4 weeks. Often the puppies have to be bottle or tube fed. If the mother is able to feed the babies you have to keep a constant eye on them as the mother will roll onto a puppy and it will suffocate.

Breeding and raising English bullies is not only a full time job, it is also very pricey.

Before and after the breeding process, if the breeders provide the proper medical care, food and vaccinations until the puppies are 8 weeks old, not to mention the cost of stud service, the breeder invests quite a bit of time and money in the litter.

If you want a well bred, healthy, properly cared for puppy, then it’s worth it to spend the money. Otherwise buying a “cheap” puppy may cost more in the end on vet bills.